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How Do I Upload Files to The Internet Via FTP

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 26TH 2013
If you want to upload your new flipping page online via FTP after creating flipbook with Myjad Flipbook Maker, a widely accepted way to upload files to the internet, you can follow the instruction below:
Make sure you get the FTP username and password before uploading.
Two options for you to upload your ebook online by using FTP. The first one should be easier to manipulate.
Option 1: use web browser to FTP your data feed.
Option 2: use an FTP program to FTP your data feed.

Option 1: use web browser to FTP your data feed
Normally most of the web browsers enable you to upload files by FTP. Please check if you have upgraded your browsers to the latest version:
Links for some latest versions of popular web browsers:
Mozilla Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/
Internet Explorer: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/
To upload your flipbook by using web browser:
1. Start a browser window.
2. Type ftp://uploads.yourdomain.com into the address field and enter.
Upload Files via FTP
3. Input your FTP username and password and log in.
4. A blank window will pop up and now you have connected to the FTP server. Drag and drop your feed to the window and complete the transfer. You will see the file icon after the file has been uploaded.

Option 2: use an FTP program to FTP your data feed
Install an FTP program or FTP client to your computer first. Search from the internet, some programs are free.
Check this FileZilla (Windows): http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/
You will need to do some settings so that your FTP program can connect to the FTP server.
Host name: uploads.yourdormain.com(FTP server where you will send your feed).
User: the username you have.
Password: the password you have.
Logontype: set normal, not anonymous before entering your username and password.
We will show you the configuration of FileZilla as an example:
FileZilla Configuration

Note: The settings various when you are using different FTP programs. Read carefully the setting instructions.

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