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Recoverable in Various Situations:
  • Factory Default Settings

    Set the Phone Back to Factory Default Settings.

  • Root Android

    Root Your Android.

  • Delete Files

    Delete Accidentally.

  • Device Screen Smash

    Phone Screen Smash.

  • Dead Android Phone

    Phone Dead

Support Multiple Android Device

Note: No matter which OS your phone carries, as long as you use Android phone, including the most previous Android 2.0 and the latest Android 4.3, you can retrieve your Android contacts.

Support Multiple Android Phone
Motorola: XT1049, DROIDX, and more.
Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3/Note 2, and more.
HTC: HTC One (max), HTC Desire, HTC Butterfly, and so on.
LG: LG 420, LGL39C, etc.
Sony: LT26II, S39H, ST23A, for example.

Preview Android Device for Lost Contacts

This extraordinary program will automatically scan your Android device for deleted or lost contacts. You are allowed to preview your important contact Phone Number, Names as well as Company one after another.

Preview the Lost Contact of Android

Back up Android Contacts on Your PC Local

After getting back whatever Android contacts you want, you can do backup your Android so that you can get the lost critical Android contacts back easily if you lose your Android contact again. Myjad Android Contact Recovery can’t help if you have never done backup with your Android or your backup file is overwritten. So, don’t sync anything if you found your contacts lost.

Back Up Android Contacts to Computer