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How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to Flipbook Pages

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 12RD 2013
With Myjad Flipbook Maker, you will be able to add Google analytics tracking code to your flipbook then you will know how many readers have visited your flipbook. There are two ways to do so:
1. Add Google Analytics ID directly;
2. Install Google Analytics in Flipbook Maker

Method 1: Add Google Analytics ID directly

Click "Design Setting" - "Google Analytics ID" in the design panel.
Add Google Analytics
Now when you log in your Google Analytics account you can see your flipbook visit record.

Method 2: Install Google Analytics in Flipbook Maker

Step 1: Log In or Sign Up for a Google Account
To use Google Analytics, you will need to log in or sign up for a Google account. If you don't have one, just go to google.com to create a new Google account.
Now log into your Google account and add Google Analytics to be a "Product" associated with your Google account. Input your new "Account Name", site URL(domain.com) and complete other settings you prefer.

Step 2: Install Google Analytics in Flip PDF
Here, you can either log in the exising Google account and add Google Analytics to your existing products, or log in the new Account to add Google Analytics as part of the process.
And next, you will need to embed the unique Google Analytics code to collect data on that domain.

(1) Output the Flipbook in Flash/HTML5 format
Launch Flip PDF and import PDF to create your flipbook, click the "Publish" button or the "Arrow" buton to choose "Flash/HTML5" to enter into the output interface.
Publish Flash HTML5

In the next screen, choose "*.html" and define other settings, and click the "Advanced" button.
HTML Output Option

(2) Insert the Google Analytics Code
Now in the Advanced Settings window, insert the below Google Analytics code into the "Add Scripts" box and click OK to save the settings.

Advance Setting Code

Note: Please replace the placeholder "UA-XXXXXXXX" with your unique tracking code.

(3) Publish the Flipbook
Click the "Convert" button to publish your flipbook with Google Analytics integrated.

Step 3: Upload the Flipbook to Your Website
After outputting the flipbook, you will need to upload it to your website.
And now when you visit your Google Analytics dashboard, you will see indications of metrics process and progress of data collection.

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