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How Can I Add Bookmark Tabs for The Page Flipping Book

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 07TH 2013
Many readers have the habit of sticking bookmark to the book for navigating to the direct page that last time they finish reading. You can do the same to the flipbook as well as choosing different color tabs. You will be led to a certain page directly by clicking the colored bookmark with customized caption. Let's see how to make it.
1. Run Myjad Flipbook Maker and import PDF.
2. Click "Bookmark Tabs" in the design panel.
Add Bookmark Tabs

3. Click "+" and you will see a pop-up windows, fill in all the necessary info then "Save And Add Next".
Bookmark Tab Information

Also you can choose the tabs transparency by setting "Tabs Alpa".
Bookmark Tabs Alpha

4. After all the above steps are done, remember to click "Apply Change" to save settings.
Apply Flipbook Change

5. Now you will see the newly-added colored bookmark tab on top of you flipbook.
Flipbook Pre-designed Template

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