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  • Seamlessly Transfer Music

  • Compatible with iOS Device

  • Synchronize with High Speed

  • Convert Multiple Formats

Transfer Data from various iOS Devices

TransPhone enables iOS users to copy files/data between device and iTunes library; export media files and apps to PC and move .doc files to iPhone/iPad. It backs up files from iDevice to iTunes library and keep files both on device and computer.

iOS Transfer for iPhone, Computer and iTunes

Backup Playlist & Music Completely

Once detected, the program will list out found iPhone data including playlist and music. You are allowed to add, delete and transfer playlists of iPhone, iPad and iTunes as well. Playlists info includes name, time, artist, album, rating, etc. Both the old devices and newer ones like iPod touch 5, iPad mini and iPad air are transferable with TransPhone.

Backup iPhone Playlist and Music of iTunes

Transfer Apps between Any iDevice

TransPhone will export apps including game ranking and scores so that you don't need to worry about losing apps when syncing. You are also allowed to backup your iPhone apps on your computer with TransPhone in case the phone apps get lost some day. The process to export iPhone apps to iTunes is as easy as that to your computer.

Transfer APPs Among iOS Devices

Convert Format of Music and Videos to Play on iPhone and iPad

TransPhone is compatible with different media formats, AAC, AMR, ALAC, iLBC as well as video formats of MOV, MP4, MPV, 3GP, etc. TransPhone can convert the music and videos files into the compatible format automatically for there's a media conversion plug-in preinstalled. With it, you don't need to worry that music or videos can't be read for the input format doesn't match your iPhone/iPad if you try TransPhone.

Convert iPhone Music and iPad Videos

Sync Contents from iTunes Library to Computer and iDevice

TransPhone enables you to transfer iTunes library contents into your iPhone and computer as well. After choosing the iPhone data you want, choose the destination device to transfer your iPhone contents to. You are also allowed to transfer files from iPhone, iPad or computer to iTunes.

Sync iTunes Files to Computer and iPhone

Transfer with High Speed

TransPhone has integrated the most sophisticated technologies that is as fast as 3X speed with USB 3.0 and it mobilizes ultra-speed for upgrading to 2X speed with Wi-Fi. Multi-core CPU, Hyper-threading and others are used to improve converting efficiency.

Transferring Speed for iPhone iPad