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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone

By David Paul - September, 1ST 2014
iPhone fans must possess more than one iPhone. You must have been using iTunes to transfer data from old iPhone to the new one. Don't you realize it takes long time to wait for the whole transferring to finish? You must be astonished if I tell you there's another data transferring tool designed especially for iOS devices which performs much better than iTunes. No persuasion needed, I am sure you will try TransPhone after you read the introduction below.

What's TransPhone?
Myjad TransPhone is an all-powerful iDevices management program enables user comprehensively manage all media files including music, playlist, movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U, applications, iBooks, audiobooks, ringtones and voice memos stores in your iPhone, iPad and iPod. You are free to transfer media files between iDevices, iTunes and PC folder with ultra-fast speed.

You are the heart of the bursts of it? Then let's see how powerful it is!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone?


Install TransPhone and Connect iPhone to Computer

Get TransPhone and install it on your computer. After your iPhone is successfully connected to the computer, you will see the rough parameters of your phone like name, type, color, battery and more.

Main Information of iPhone


Transfer iPhone Music to Another iPhone

Click music menu on the left list and select songs that you want to transfer on the right part according to the size, the name, the time or others. If you forget to connect the second device to computer, then the program will show you a noticed windows to ask you to link another iPhone to PC. Now we are shifting songs to a new iPhone so we click "to Device" button on the top margin.

Connect Two iPhone to Computer

Transfer iPhone Music to iPhone


Check Transferring Music on iPhone

You will be asked to select target device in this step. Connect your new iPhone to computer and proceed the transferring process. All of the file processes will be showed on the tiny interface when you transfer iPhone music. Waiting for few minutes, then check the music on the second iPhone device.

The Process of Transferring iPhone Music

You can leave TransPhone running in the background and perform other computer activities. TransPhone supports USB 3.0, contains superfast lightning interface that you can feel up to 3X ultra speed transferring. So don't leave it in the background for long time.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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