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How to Transfer TV Shows from iPad to iPhone

By David Paul - August, 27TH 2014
Because of larger screen, iPad well fits many user's need to kill time by watching videos while taking bus or train after work. However, for some others, they yet prefer iPhone since iPhone realizes the same functionality in a more portable way. Then here comes a problem: How to efficiently transfer files from iPad to iPhone? What about a simple but professional iOS data transferring tool for direct migrating files from device to device?

Myjad TransPhone is an comprehensive iDevices management program empowering user to thoroughly manage all media files including music, playlist, movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U, Applications, iBooks, audiobooks, ringtones and voice memos stores in your iPhone, iPad and iPod.Now let me show you how to apply TransPhone to export TV show from iPad to iPhone.

Before reading it, please download the trial version of Windows or Mac.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Transfer TV Shows from iPad to iPhone


Install and Launch TransPhone

Install and launch TransPhone on your computer, if you choose transferring way between two devices, then connect both your iPad and iPhone to the PC like the first picture shows below. Click on the detected iPad name on the left top corner to show contents stores in your device as the second picture displays.

Main Interface of iPad


Check and Transfer TV Shows to iPhone

Now click "TV shows" icon located on the left list and check videos that you want to export with their names, time, size or others. If you want simply to transfer specific files then try using TransPhone filter called "Search" bar on the right top corner to search details by artists, albums, genres and composers.

Link iPhone with Computer

Check and Transfer iPad TV Shows to iPhone


Confirm the TV Shows on iPhone

After finish choosing files, hit on "To Device" button on navigation bar and choose your iPhone or simply right click the mouse and select "To Device". You will see the transfer progress as the below image displays. The process interface of transfer will pop up, just wait a short time, the TV shows will skip into your iPhone.

Finish the process of Transferring

Besides, TransPhone supports a wide range of video formats including MP4, M4A, MOV and more. If you happen to transfer videos that Apple doesn't support, TransPhone automatically converts them to high definition video formats so you are able to play on iOS devices. Let's try it!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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