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How to Transfer App from iPhone to iPad

By David Paul - August, 25TH 2014
You may have loads of apps installed on your iPhone and want to get them migrated to your iPad or computer. iTunes does the synchronization but you might take the risk of not having every detail transferred. If you want a more exquisite data shifting tool, TransPhone would be a primary recommendation for you.

Transferring apps with Myjad TransPhone, you can have all recorded status such as game level, rating, prop, personal setting etc. completely moved to your iPad. Or if you transfer media player with music, videos and audio played on it before, you have the option to transfer all data or merely the app. Besides, with TransPhone, playlist, music, movies, TV shows, podcast, iTunes U, photos and more media files are transferable between iTunes, PC folder and iDevices.

Now let's follow this guide to learn how to transfer iPhone apps to iPad first. Download the trial version by your requirement.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Transfer Applications from iPhone to iPad


Connect iOS Devices to Computer

Connect your iPhone to the computer, click your device name after TransPhone has detected your iPhone. Go to "Application" on the left side bar, and pick up the apps that you want to transfer then click "to Device" located on the margin top.

Connect iPhone and iPad to Computer


Setting the Options

In "General" setting, you can choose to transfer "only app program" or "app program and app data". If you select the latter, game progresses and other personal settings shall be migrated as well. And just a few minutes, you can check the apps you transferred on iPad without data loss.

Setting the Options of Transferring Apps

There's another convenient way to quick transfer data between iPhone, iPad and iPod. Launch TransPhone to export media files and apps to PC folder, copy documents and files from one device to another, merge device files and data with iTunes library. Wanna have a try?

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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