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  • Restore iTunes Backup

    Restore lost data from your iTunes backups.

  • Retrieve Data from iOS Device

    Retrieve Your Photos, Contacts, Calendars and Notes.

  • Extract Text Messages

    Extract SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp Messages.

  • Recover iTunes Files

    Recover Voice Mails, Call Logs, Bookmarks & App Data.

  • New Backup Files

    Do New Backups of your iPhone, iTouch or iPad data.

  • Restore from Backup

    Restore your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from backup.

Detail Features of Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor

Support Various Devices

Almost every iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad or iPod touch data are recoverable so long as you have done iTunes backup before.
This remarkable data extractor can easily retrieve your iOS lost data back without doubt.

iTunes Backup Files

Solve Kinds of Situations

It is common that different types of problems will come out to you while using your iDevice. For instance, you may lose some of your data if fail in jailbreaking your iOS. Besides, data lost because of dead, stolen, water damaged of your iOS device are all easy solved. You can retrieve those iOS critical data easily on condition that you didn’t overwrite your iTunes backup file once your data lost.

Situations of iOS Device

Recover Multiple Contents

Different types of Data including Contacts, Messages, Call history, Calendar, Notes, WhatsApp History, Safari bookmark, App, Photos, Voice memos, etc. are all recoverable. For instance, if you delete your iPhone contacts accidentally and have backed up your iPhone with iTunes before, you can recover them back with no doubt.

Restore Multiple Files from Backup

Perform Accurate and high-efficiency Process

The step of operating iTunes Backup Extractor is very simple and the interface is concise as well. You can clearly preview the scanned out data and selectively choose what you want in the interface. Both he scan process and the recovery won’t take you a long time. You need only few seconds to wait. Once the recovery finishes, the program will notify you with a pop-up window.
  • Easy Operation

    Easily operated iTunes Backup Extractor with concise interface

  • Preview Backup files

    Allowed you to preview data before recovering deleted data

  • Recover Backup for iPhone iPad

    Recover lost iPhone/iPad data by performing few time-saving steps

  • Pop-up Window

    Notify you by pop-up window when finish recovering lost files

Reuse iTunes Backup Extractor Later

You don’t need to worry that it is a waste of time and money to purchase it the time you want to recover iOS data from your iTunes backup. You can feel relieved because you can purchase iTunes Backup Extractor once and for all. And you can use it later when you lose your data again.

Extract iTunes Backup Files