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The inherent dangers are always existent when you need any available software by downloading on the Internet, and Myjad Software warns you to make sure that you absolutely understand all risks before downloading any software (including the infection of your system by potential computer viruses and other computer bugs). You are solely responsible for all data from equipments which have been connected with any Myjad software.


Myjad can provide you required software, which is protected by copyright laws and related international copyright treaties. Myjad reserves all rights if the software is not expressly granted to you. Myjad retains the ownership of the copyright to the Software from beginning to end. The entire content of Myjad shall never be modified, copied, adapted, reproduced, displayed, published, distributed, transmitted in any form without any permission of Myjad.


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Permitted Uses And Restriction

  • You can download the trial version of software and install on your computer or devices at will. You are supported to evaluate the software form Myjad.
  • The license just allows you to activate one time for the trial version of software. It does not allow you to use the license for twice on your another computer or devices.
  • It is expressly forbidden to the unauthorized copying of software.
  • You will not get any compensation from us if you use the trial version of software.
  • You can not rent, lend or lease the Myjad software to anyone to get profits.


Myjad supports users to write any comment, question, suggestion or expectation to the software, and our support team will be willing to provide you the related information by your requirements as long as we can. Thank you for supporting Myjad, your support is always our motivation to go forward.