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How to Insert The Flipbook Into Joomla Website

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 14TH 2013
Except for inserting flipbook into Drupal, you can also do the same in Joomla website with Myjad Flipbook Maker.
Step 1: Publish as Joomla Module
Click the Arrow beside Publish after you complete your project, choose "Plugin for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal".
Publish Plug-in for Joomla

In the "Publish as Plugin" module, select "Joomla module", browse folder for saving the flipbook, name the zip file and flipbook proportion, finally select the Joomla version and define Flipbook ID (Every one Joomla website requires a specific featured ID). Click "Publish" then a ZIP file will be generated.
Joomla Module Output

Step 2: Install the Joomla Module
Log into your Joomla Administrator, click "Extensions" in the main menu and choose "Extension Manager" in the drop-down list, and then choose the ZIP file you just published, click "Upload & Install" to install the new Joomla module.
Joomla Module Extension Manager

Step 3: Configure the Joomla Flipbook
Now you will need to configure the newly-installed Joomla module. Click "Extensions" - "Module Manager"- "flipbook module" then you will see the below window. Input Title, Position, Status, Access, Ordering, Start and Finish Publishing etc. then save the settings.
Joomla Module Configuration

Note: Don't neglect the position and it's essential for the flipbook. Select from the options from the drop-down list or input your own one. Here we input "flipbook1". Define Status as Published.

Step 4: Insert the Flipbook
To embed the flipbook to Joomla texts, you need to use the position code. Click "Content" - "Article Manager" - "Add New Article", input the short code {loadposition flipbook1} to the new article. Save it and go the the Joomla page see if you can view the flipbook.
Insert The Flipbook into Joomla Website

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