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How Can I Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes

By David Paul - August, 18TH 2014
Are you feeling annoyed that iTunes doesn't recognize the same song and the duplicate of the songs take up large proportion of the your hard disk memory? Want to free space for your computer by removing the same song copy? Then you need an efficient way to quick delete duplicate songs.
There are two things you need to prepare for deleting duplicate songs on iTunes library:
1. iPhone, iPad or iPod that you have recently synced with iTunes.
2. Myjad TransPhone, an iOS data managing tool that enables you to rebuild iTunes library.

Here is the Windows and Mac trial version of TransPhone, download one of them and try it now.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes?


Select iTunes Library to Be Opened on Computer

Double click iTunes shortcut tab and at the same time keep holding "Shift" key. Now you should be able to see the below image - a small interface pop up to inform you to make a choose by your requirement. Then click "Create Library" to build a new iTunes library.

Choose iTunes Library to Be Opened


Select Music Files of iTunes

Install and run TransPhone on your Mac then connect your iDevice to to it. Before that, you need to make sure that you opened iTunes Library already. When the main interface appears, Click "Music" on the left side column which were listed according to the file categories. Then you are supported to select all songs on the right side.

Choose All Songs to New Library


Transfer Music to New iTunes Library

Then choose "iTunes Library" on the dropdown button at the left top corner. The iTunes library will sync your iDevice music on the new library and delete the duplicate songs automatically.You could check the music files after the transferring process finished on the right interface when the main interface is about iTunes Library. All files will be one of a kind.

Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes

After all tracks being transferred, you will get a new iTunes library. Apart from merging duplicate songs, you can also transfer photo, music video, application, TV show, ringtone, voice memo, iTunes U, iBooks and more between iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes and local folder. By the way, the unique superior playlist management feature of TransPhone allows you to create, edit, merge, delete and transfer playlists on all iOS Devices.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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