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How to Add Bookmark (Table of Contents) for The Page Flipping Book

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 08TH 2013
Bookmark, page index or table of contents helps readers find the pages they want in just a click. Myjad Flipbook Maker empowers you to add bookmark to your flip book for your better manage the e-book, as well for readers easier to comprehend the contents. I will show to how do it in below:

Two options for you to add bookmark: "import PDF bookmark" and "add bookmark manually".

Part 1: Import PDF Bookmark

1. Run Flip PDF and click "Create New" to import bookmark;
Creat New Flipbook

2. Click "Browse" and select PDF. If the button is greyed out, tick "Import bookmark" in the lower left corner to enable the function.
Import Bookmark Option

3. Click "Import Now" to finish. Go back to the Template Design Interface to "Apply Change" to save the settings.
Note: Make sure your initial PDF contains bookmark, otherwise won't work.

Part 2: Manually Add Bookmark

1. Run the program and import PDF;
2. Click the "Bookmark" tab in the toolbar;

3. Click the Add button "+" to add bookmark, and then type the title and page index at the bottom.
Add Bookmarks to Flip Book

4. If you want to add sub-title,click "Add Child" and rename it;
Add bookmark Child

5. Remember to save the settings by clicking "Apply Change". Otherwise you will lost what you have set.
Apply Change Settings

6. After you have successfully save the settings, you will see a Bookmark button in the toolbar. Click it and the those what you have added show in here.
View Bookmark at Toolbar

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