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How to Publish The Flip Book Directly to My FTP Server

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 06TH 2013
After you have finished your project and you want to publish your e-book to FTP server, you can refer to the following steps:
1. After you finish designing your flip book, click "Apply Change" to save all the settings. And click the "Arrow" button next to "Publish", choose "To FTP Server" in the drop-down list;
When you are sure your work is done, remember to click "Apply Change" to save your settings. Then click "Publish" - "To FTP Server".
Publish Flipbook to FTP Server

2. Finish the needed information and log in to your FTP server then click "Next".
upload to FTP Server

3. Choose a folder to save your flipbook after connecting to the FTP Server.
Flipbook Directory to FTP

4. Click "Publish" and you will be leading to an "Output Option", define the mobile version, put HTLM title and file name then "Convert".
HTML Output Option

5. If all the files are updated successfully, then you will see a book FTP URL. Log onto your server and check your flipbook from browser.

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