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Thank You for Installing Myjad Flipbook Maker

By David Paul - OCTOBER, 29TH 2013
Thank you for installing Myjad Flipbook Maker.
The following information may be helpful for you for the first time using our program!

1. Import PDF(s) and Image
Launch Myjad Flipbook Maker then click "Create New" - "Browse.." to import PDF, or you can click the "Inverted Triangle" button to add more PDFs. click "Import Image" to add images.
Import PDF Files

2. Design your flipbook
Select template, animated scene, theme, background from design panel, Insert new SWF/IMAGE pages, add assistant, plugin, bookmark and bookmark tabs, configure your own settings: brand, logo, flash language, font colors, page width and length, social share, watermark, bar color, flash control, etc.
Flipbook Design Setting

3. Publish flipbook/strong>
Formats include HTML, EXE, APP, ZIP, Mobile version, CD, E-Mail to, Screen Saver, WordPress plugin, Joomla module & Drupal module could be exported and saved.
Publish Flip book Option

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