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How to Send Flip E-book on Mail

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 25TH 2013
If you want to send flip ebook via email and don't know which type of output or format you should save, then keep reading.
Myjad Flipbook Maker provides you all the following formats:
HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, Mobile version and Burn to CD.
HTML is a typical site format which allows you to upload your ebook as a webpage.
You can save as EXE and Zip then send to your friends by email.
App (Mac Application) is especially designed for Mac.
Mobile version enables you to view HTML flipbook on mobile devices.
Burn to CD enables you to burn flipbook to disk so that you can share physical media with friends.
We recommend you two best way to send your flipbook to others by email:

1. Save as "*.html":
If you save as ".html" file then you will get a HTML file, a SWF file and a "files" folder. You can upload those files online then send your friends the link by email. It’s much better than sending files themselves. You can also share the link on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social websites.

2. Save as "*.zip":
The ZIP package includes all outputted "*.html" format files and folders. Enclose the ZIP file then send mail to others. They will be able to view your work without going online.

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