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What should I Do If Links Don't Work After Converting to Flipbook

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 28TH 2013
When I was composing my work the links work well and I can click and view the webpages. But why after being saved as flipbook the links has greyed out? What I shall do to activate the links?

1. Myjad Flipbook Maker recognizes real links:
If the links are real and they are sure to be recognized. When you point to the links you will see a "W" with the link address. And if you go to "Import PDF" - "Import links", you will see the imported pages and real links together.
Flibook Maker FAQ

You can use Acrobat Professional to get real links. Launch the program and go to "AdvancedLinks" - "Create from URLs in Document..."

2. Real links work in the preview Window but don't work after outputted in local computer:
If you are sure they are real links and still don’t work after saving the project in the computer local as HTML file, you should check the Flash Player security settings.
Flash Player Security

After you have adjusted the settings, save it as EXE output type, the links should work now. So there also should be no problem for you to upload them online.

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