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How to Convert PDF to Flash Flip Book

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 11ST 2013
Converting PDF to flipping page helps to promote your article, catalog, magazine and ebook. Flash flipping book attracts reader's attention as well as arouses their interest. If you are a supplier wants to show customers the best product quality, flipbook would be a disruptive innovation. If you are a freelance wishes to increase your book sale, flash flipping book is a perfect marketing tool. If you are considering creating an e-magazine which allows reader to read as a real booklet, flipbook maker meets your exact need.

What kind of flipbook maker you should use?
We strongly recommend you Myjad Flipbook Maker, an award-winning program that has helped thousands of writers soon diffuse their publication around different countries. It's a simple program with comprehensive features which allows you freely change background, theme, template and scene, add music and sound, adjust languages, import & export pdf as well as making other design.


Convert PDF to Flash Flip Book

Download, install and run Myjad Flipbook Maker. Below is the main interface.
Flipbook Maker


Create new project

Click "Create New" to import pdf file. Myjad Flipbook Maker automatically converts the whole pdf into flipping-pages that you don't have to import page-by-page as some other program required.
Import and Browse PDF


Design flipbook

Now you can design your own flipbook by applying theme, background, animated scene, adding bookmark, banner, sound effect, music, customizing page proportion, inserting URL etc.
Apply Themes to Flipbook


Publish flipbook

After completing your project, remember to click "Apply Change" to save settings. Click "Publish" and convert to the following formats (*html, *zip, *exe, or *app). Select "Also Make Mobile Version" then you can read the flipbook on mobile devices.
Convert PDF to Flash Flip Book

Now you can send email or share your flipping book on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter. If you want to track page view, add "Google Analytics" in design panel. Myjad Flipbook Maker also allows you to insert Flipbook into "Word Press", "Drupal" and "Joomla".

Download Windows Version

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