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Apple TV Set-top Box

New Apple TV Set-top Box Will Be Launched Next Year

By Admin On August 1, 2014 · Add Comment
The Information, a famous technology media company, declares that the new Apple TV set-top box will delay to 2015 to be released.   One insider from Apple Inc. said, the engineers, who mai......
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The Ingress of Google Game

Ingress Augment Reality Game Launched iOS Version

By Admin On July 28, 2014 · Add Comment
The Ingress of Google game has released for a long time, but it is only provided for Android users. From now on, iOS users can play this Ingress game with sense of technology.   Apple App ......
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iPad Sales

Analysts Prospects the Third-quarter iPad Sales Are Flat

By Admin On July 24, 2014 · Add Comment
  Apple. Inc will issue its 2014 Third-quarter Performance Report, which contains Apple’s revenue, profit and the important data between iPad and iPhone sales. Recently, the 26 anal......
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iPhone 6 in Amazon Japan

Larger Inch iPhone 6 Appears in Amazon Japan

By Admin On July 18, 2014 · Add Comment
According to these exposed information about iPhone 6, Apple is likely to launch iPhone 6 in this Autumn. As the release date comes closer, more and more news about iPhone 6 appear on the Intern......
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Microsoft Cornata on Windows Phone

Germany Shuts Out Brazil! Predicted by Microsoft Cortana

By Admin On July 11, 2014 · Add Comment
In those early days, the voice assistant of Windows Phone – Cornata, which we have reported about, has successfully predict some results of World Cup matches. But many readers did not make......
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Global Android Smartphone Shipments

The Growth of Android Surprises Us

By Admin On July 4, 2014 · Add Comment
The Google I/O development conference has been held this year, which attracted the global Android developers’ attention. Google issued the new Android system called Android L. And there ar......
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iPhone Users

Apple Faces Lawsuit over Stopping Texting Messages between iPhone and Android

By Admin On May 26, 2014 · Add Comment
Apple Inc. was charged by an iPhone user recently, because the iPhone users usually can’t send the message to Android phone.   This litigation was caused by an ex-iPhone user called ......
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Main Interface of Inbox

New Mobile Gmail of Google Focuses on Improving User Experience

By Admin On May 16, 2014 · Add Comment
According to the Technology website Geek reported that the new mobile Gmail added some features look like on a desktop browser.   It is absolutely different to compare the new mobile Gmail......
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The Logo of Beats

Apple May Acquire Beats for $3.2 Billion

By Admin On May 13, 2014 · Add Comment
According to the Financial Times, Apple plans to purchase Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion. This deal would be Apple’s largest acquisition if it works out. The deal will be finished next......
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Tech Company

Apple Will Not Be a Top-level Tech Company in 6 Years

By Admin On May 9, 2014 · Add Comment
Fred Wilson, Silicon valley’s top venture capital union co-founder, said the top three technology companies will be Google, Facebook, and another one which is not known around the world ye......
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