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Apple Acquires Micro LED Display Company to Extend the Battery Life of iPhone

By Admin On May 5, 2014 · Add Comment
As the report of TechCrunch said, Apple has acquired micro LED display tech company LuxVue, quoted information sources. LuxVue have received $43 million financing from KPCB, iD Ventures America ......
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Apple Prepare to Mass Produce and Release the iWatch Later This Year

By Admin On May 4, 2014 · Add Comment
According to the information cited from supply chains, some media claim that iWatch, which is one of Apple’s wearable device, has entered mass produce phase. And it is predicted that it wi......
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iWatch will replace the iPod

By Admin On April 30, 2014 · Add Comment
Nowadays, it is said that more and more iWatch comes out into the market, but Apple does’t talk much about if they will set foot in the wearable devices market of iWatch. (What makes peopl......
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Apple iPhone 5

Attention! To Change the Defective iPhone 5 Sleep Button

By Admin On April 29, 2014 · Add Comment
Apple is famous for its perfect hardware product, but they can’t make sure that there is no problem about any device. Such as the new problem which was exposed recently time, the sleep but......
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 The Tech Company Revenue of One Second

Apple Earns 1997 Dollars Per Second Than You Do in A Month

By Admin On April 25, 2014 · Add Comment
We all know that many large technology companies grip an enormous sum of money like Apple and Google. But do you know how much these companies earn every?   Worldpayzinc site provides the a......
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Samsung Galaxy S5

Most of iPhone Owners Are Prefer to Buy Samsung Galaxy S5

By Admin On April 23, 2014 · Add Comment
Survey from CompareMyMobile, which is a traded-in site of electronics, finding that for the iPhone owners, 38% users think that Samsung Galaxy S5 is more attractive. Also, all of us know that p......
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Samsung Glass

Samsung Glass Get Patent for Google Glass Competitor

By Admin On April 21, 2014 · Add Comment
Google Glass become one of the most fashion glass now with its wearable device. But according to the foreign media reported that Samsung also apply a similar wearable glass for a patent. Samsun......
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TransPhone Summary

Brand New Myjad TransPhone Released for Apple Fans

By Admin On April 16, 2014 · Add Comment
In order to appreciate supporters of Myjad, our personnels are declaring that our new product is released now! After the successful tests and being verified, TransPhone have come to the market  ......
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Google Glass on Sales for U.S public

Google Glass Going on Sale to Public for $1500 US Next Week

By Admin On April 14, 2014 · Add Comment
Google will will start to take online orders on April 15 for the wearable device — Google Glass, which is only opened to the U.S. public. The price of Glass is $1500 for a limited time. F......
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Samsung Apple Tablet Market Share

Samsung Tablet Market Share is Gradually Closer to Apple’s

By Admin On April 10, 2014 · Add Comment
According to ZDNet Korea reports displayed that Samsung worldwide tablet market share grown to 23% in the first quarter of this year. One of the unnamed senior executives at Samsung said, the sh......
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