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iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 is One of the Top Ten Searches on Yahoo for 2014

By Admin On December 10, 2014 · Comments Off
Yahoo released a list of the top ten search requests for 2014 recent days. The Ebola virus was on the top one, and we got that fear and rumors are always spread faster than virus. Apple iPhone 6......
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iPhone 6 Device

Apple Speeds up the Delivery to Meet the Christmas Rush

By Admin On November 26, 2014 · Comments Off
After launching the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they are still in short supply. And for the customer who bought iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, they must wait for one week or even a month to get the ......
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iOS 8.1.1 Beta

iOS 8.1.1 Beta Was Released with Bug Fixes

By Admin On November 12, 2014 · Comments Off
After releasing the OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite beta, Apple issued the iOS 8.1.1 to developer with bug fixs, that’s mean launching the iOS 8.1.1 is soon. iOS 8.1.1 beta is classified as build 12......
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Second Generation iPad Air

New Gold iPad Air Is Coming with Touch ID

By Admin On October 8, 2014 · Comments Off
Michael Andrew who is a Technology columnist and his team members from The Michael Report say that they have got the photos and illustrations of the second-generation iPad Air from the inner sou......
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iPhone with iOS 8 System

Wanna Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7? No Way!

By Admin On September 30, 2014 · Add Comment
Apple always devotes itself to their users who can employ the same operating system, and this is truly a good longing. However, things go contrary to people’s wishes, Apple Inc. declares y......
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The Profiles of iPhone 6

Apple Released A8 Performance Test Exceeding All Rivals

By Admin On September 25, 2014 · Add Comment
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which have adopted the latest processor of A8, upgrade their speed and performance increased by 25% and 50% respectively. As the two devices launched, their performa......
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Model of iMac

iMac, Which Carries 27-inch and 5K Resolution, Will Be Launched This Year

By Admin On September 16, 2014 · Add Comment
According to the report, the next generation of iMac will go launching with 5K resolution display screen and 27 inches in fourth quarter of this year. And other details of this iMac haven’......
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Apple Store

What is the Most Widely Used iPhone/iPad in the World?

By Admin On September 10, 2014 · Add Comment
Today Apple Inc. will launch the iPhone 6, and do you know which one is the most popular iPhone in the world? The event of Apple is one of the most high-profile conferences in the industry of m......
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App Store of Apple

Apple Enlarges Marketing Strength for Beats Music

By Admin On September 4, 2014 · Add Comment
In March this year, Apple Inc. announced that they acquired the Beats Music and Beats Electronics in 3 billion dollars. Thereinto, $2.6 billion was paid by cash, and the other $0.4 billion was p......
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Apple Invitattion from Sept. 9 Event

Apple Issues Invitations for Sept. 9 Event: Voice Control May Be the Central Theme

By Admin On September 1, 2014 · Add Comment
The new product conference will be held on 9th Sept., and the invitations, which slogan is “Wish we could say more”, have been sent out to media by Apple already. That heralds this ......
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