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How to Make a Stealth Keylogger

By Admin On October 12, 2013 · Add Comment
If you’ve got kids at home, you may need to have a stealth keylogger installed on the computer for keeping your kids from cyber crime. Or, if you’re a boss and want to monitor your staffs, you m......
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Top 7 Best Free Keylogger Software to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

By Admin On September 4, 2013 · Add Comment
Keylogger is widely used as monitoring, spying, supervising and observing software for the purpose of keeping company information security, protecting kids against cyber crime and safeguarding p......
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Key Feature of Top 5 Keylogger Mac Software

By Admin On September 2, 2013 · Add Comment
Keyloggers are commonly known as a trojan for many cyber criminals use it to steal personal information or commit political and industrial espionage. Keylogger is like a double-edge sword, it ca......
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parental monitor

Family Keylogger Software, Protecting your Family in Stealth

By Admin On August 30, 2013 · Add Comment
Nowadays the young generation are accessing to internet activities in a far more early age than ever before. The high-tech hastens increasing cyber crime thus protecting youths from internet por......
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what is keylogger

What is the Best Keylogger & Keylogging Software?

By Admin On August 20, 2013 · Add Comment
What is Keylogger? Generally speaking, a Keylogger is a software program or a hardware device which is used for monitoring, observing or even spying purpose by means of recording all real time c......
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Myjad Keylogger Pro for Windows Version 2.0 Released

By Admin On August 15, 2013 · Add Comment
Are you looking forward to new Myjad product to be released? Here comes the good news for all the Myjad fans——Myjad Keylogger Pro 2.0 is now available for the vast majority of Windows users! My......
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