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How to Solve Common HTC Butterfly Problems

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 13RD 2013
Cannot connect to WiFi
Some users complain that despite of a good WiFi environment or connection, HTC Butterfly's connection keeps hanging and not responding. That fact is that it's a common problem, 90% smart phones sometimes fail to connect to WiFi. What shall we do then?
- Make sure whether your WiFi is on.
- Check HTC Butterfly configuration, maybe there's wrong setting on your device.
- Restart your phone.
- Reset network settings on your device by dabbing "main menu" - "Setting" - "General" - "Reset".

Lost Contacts
Losing contacts might be the most common problem not only for HTC user but also for all other smart phone fans. Backing up contacts should be the safest way to avoid losing them. However if you are unlucky to have deleted any number without backup, you need a data recovery tool for regaining missing info. Among all the recovery programs, Myjad Android Contact Recovery should be a nice choice. It directly scans all lost contacts from both your phone memory and SD card, you can preview contents and choose whichever contact you wish to restore. Let's explore Android Contact Recovery.

Connect your device with PC after having installed the program.
Android Contact Recovery Main

The program auto scans all removed contacts, if you don't find contacts you need, go back to reload data and scan again.
Reload Android Data

Check carefully all contacts and proceed with recovery.
Start Recovering

No specific programming knowledge required and it's easier than you imagine. Download the free trial version here.

Download Windows Version

Factory Reset HTC Butterfly
Go to "Notification" panel - "Gear or Settings" - "Backup & Reset" - "Reset phone" - "OK"
1. Press and hold the “Volume Down” button as well as the Power button.
2. Keep holding both buttons until you see three Android pictures.
3. Release "Power" and press "Volume Down".
4. Choose "Factory Reset" and press "Power" to confirm.

Those are three most common HTC Butterfly problems. Some may also encounter "display" or "battery" issues. I am sure you can easily find solutions for other problems.

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