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How to Recover Deleted SMS from Android Phone

By David Paul - OCTOBER, 31ST 2013
"I am so desperate to restore over 2000 messages. I accidently chose "Deleted all conversions" option, when I taped "Cancel", it was too late for me and my Android phone was frozen without replaying. That really makes me regret. I restarted the phone but the fact is all my messages were deleted."
We always meet or hear the same things happen around us, so how to solve this big headache.

Why not use Myjad Android SMS Recovery? This powerful software mainly recover your deleted messages from Android phone with ease. On the recovering process, you can preview your SMS files and retrieve them without data loss. Get the trial version of Android SMS Recovery and free to download it below.

Download Windows Version

Detailed Steps of How to Recover Deleted SMS from Android Phone


Install and Run Myjad Android SMS Recovery

First of all, link your Android phone with computer via USB cable. And launch Myjad Android SMS Recovery program on computer. It will search your Android phone automatically and scan deleted messages from device simultaneously.

Install and Run Android SMS Recovery Program


Preview Lost Messages

The interface will divide into 3 part. On the left part, there will be a list shows the icon of "Message" with the number of deleted messages. Click it then the middle part will display the information of lost messages like name and phone number. Selectively choose them as you need. On the right part, it is about the detail content of your deleted messages.

Select Android Message items


Recover and Save Deleted Messages

After scanning and selecting the deleted messages, then save them on your computer or device. Click "Recover" on the right lower corner. A smaller interface will pop up immediately. Choose a storage path on computer or device to save the messages. Then tap "OK" button on the bottom of smaller interface.

Recover Deleted SMS from Android Phone


Finish Recovering Deleted Messages

Just wait a few minutes, the program will inform you that the deleted SMS files have been recovered with a tiny interface. Click "OK" button to finish recovering SMS files.

Finish Android SMS Recovery

This is quite easy, isn't it? So if you lose your messages by accident, you will need Myjad Android SMS Recovery's help at that moment. Download the trial version to get your precious memories back.

Download Windows Version

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