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Parental Monitoring Software: How to Realize Parental Control

By David Paul -
Since today’s children are growing up in the era of information, parents’ control over the way their kids approach computer is becoming more and more important. Though many browsers, like Google Chrome, firefox, safari, have been making progress on parental controls, providing blocking functions, many parents want to know more about their kids’ activities on the computer, for example, who their children are talking with and what content the conversation is. The good news is that you can achieve your goal easily by a good monitoring software - Myjad Keylogger.
With Myjad Keylogger Pro installed on the computer your child uses, you don’t need to be around to see what your kid is doing on the Net. It can log all computer activities, then you can check it anytime and anywhere if you’d set it to send the records to you via email in advance. With its user-friendly interface and strong function, parents can realize parental control of their children's use of computer effortlessly.
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How to realize parental control on PC?


Install the software and launch it

Download and install Myjad Keylogger on the computer, then press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A to open it. Make sure that the state of button "Status" is on.
Parental Monitoring Software


Select user account to monitor

In "General" window, select monitored users-"All Users" or "Only Selected". If you choose the latter, please continue to select the specific users to be monitored.
Select Users to Minitor


Parent Control Options

The new Myjad Keylogger Pro 2.20 is featured by "Parent Control". You can add "blocked keyword" to prvent your child visiting some unhealthy sites and list applications that you don't want him to run. Furthermore,you can also set a time table to adjust your kids' online schedule.
Parent Control

Parent Control Options


View parental monitoring logs

Run the program and go to "Status" window, click "View Log" to enter the window as below. You can choose date of records in the upper-left corner, then click the catalogues on the left column to check the contents you want to know in detail.
Monitor Facebook Logs

Monitor Google Plus

As a professional parental monitoring software, Myjad Keylogger Pro can do much more than only parental control. With the key features of Myjad Keylogger – clipboard record, application tracking, keystrokes logging, websites visited, screen capture, it provides you with satisfying parental monitoring and control service, helping you better supervise your kid's proper use of computer.

Download Windows Version

Disclaimer: Please note that Myjad Keylogger Pro is provided merely for legitimate supervision use. We claim no responsibility in any consequence that caused by any individual for any illegal purpose.

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