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How to Record Skype Chat Activities on Windows

By David Paul - AUGUST, 14TH 2013
"These days I find my eleven-year-old son is acting strange and sitting all the time in front of the computer chatting with his friends on Skype. I am afraid that some strangers will manipulate him to commit a crime. What shall I do to protect my son from the evildoers?"

How to record Skype chat activities on Computer?

Are you all the time worrying about your young children's chatting with the evildoers on Skype? Are you concern that your employees are sending company's confidential info to others? So are you also searching for a program which could help you to monitor instant message on the computer? If all the above questions are yes then our reliable Myjad Keylogger Pro can easily solve all those problems. Myjad Keylogger Pro records not only Skype chat but also most of the computer activities like application launched, websites visited, clipboard content copied and more.
Do not hesitate! Download this user-friendly Skype chat monitoring program and install it on your computer.

Download Windows Version

Note: Myjad Keylogger Pro currently is only available for Windows users.

How to Complete the Skype Chat Monitoring Task?

Below are four easy steps to guide you how to use Myjad Keylogger Pro.

Install the program in your computer

Download and install the software in your computer, launch the program and you will see a pop-up window telling you to run and unhide Keylogger with the default hotkey "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A".
Keylogger on Windows


Monitored users option

If you just want to monitor certain users, go to"General" - "Select Monitored Users", then only the chosen users' computer activities would be recorded.
Select Monitored Users


Check what has been logged

Click "View Logs" then you will see almost all the computer activities have been recorded. Go on clicking "IM Chat" and then you will see Skype. Hit "Skype" and view the chatting details.
Record Skype Chats Activities


Set email address to get real time logs

If you don't want to bother yourself to view the logs in the computer, you are optional to set which email to receive recorded logs. Go to "Delivery" fill in the information required. Here after "Send Test Email" to check the settings.
Email Settings

Now you should be able to receive logs automatically sent by Myjad Keylogger Pro. Don't worry that your kids and your partner will notice they are under monitored because Myjad Keylogger Pro is undetectable by anti-virus software, could not be found in the task manager and uninstall and modify programs list.

Download Windows Version

Disclaimer: Please note that Myjad Keylogger Pro is provided merely for legitimate supervision use. We claim no responsibility in any consequence that caused by any individual for any illegal purpose.

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