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How to Record Clipboard Texts on PC

By David Paul - AUGUST, 13RD 2013
Do you want to know what your employees or children have copied from the websites and save as clipboard file? Is there anyone trying to copy some important information from your computer and take them away? In this case, you will have to consider about installing a trustworthy program which helps you to monitor and record clipboard texts so that you can know what exact information and data are copied and taken by others.
Myjad Keylogger Pro is your best assistant for recording clipboard contents. You will know all the detailed content in the clipboard that has been recorded by Clipboard Recorder.
First install and try the trial version then experience more with the full version.

Download Windows Version

How to Record the copied Clipboard Content?

Follow the below reference of how to apply Myjad Keylogger Pro step by step.

Install and run Myjad Keylogger Pro

After you have installed the program, run it and press "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A" to hide and unhide the program. Remember to switch "Status" on, as well as turn on the features that you hope to use.


Users to be monitored

In"General Settings" - "Select Monitored Users", you will be able to select whichever users to be monitored.
Select Monitored Userss


View clipboard record

Now you can check what Myjad Keylogeger Pro have recorded. Back to"Status" and click "View Log", all the monitored features are listed on the left side bar. If you have selected all users in the previous step then more than one user's computer activities would be shown. Go on to click "Clipboard" to check the what text contents have been logged.
Record Clipboard Text


Customize email address to receive logs

Go back to the main interface and you will see a "Delivery" button lining in the middle of the setting options. Click "Delivery" and choose which email address you want to receive recorded logs. Fill in all the required information and finally "Send Test Email" to make sure you are able to receive the logs.
Email Delivery Options

As you can see from the tutorial, except for logging clipboard texts, application launched, websites visited, social networking, search engine, email activity IM chat like Skype, MSN and more are also be monitored and recorded by Myjad Keylogger Pro. And you don't have to worry that other users will know they are under monitored because Clipboard Recorder works in the background and could hardly be detected.

Download Windows Version

Disclaimer: Please note that Myjad Keylogger Pro is provided merely for legitimate supervision use. We claim no responsibility in any consequence that caused by any individual for any illegal purpose.

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