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Family Keylogger Software, Protecting your Family in Stealth

By Admin On August 30, 2013 · Add Comment

Nowadays the young generation are accessing to internet activities in a far more early age than ever before. The high-tech hastens increasing cyber crime thus protecting youths from internet pornography, internet abuse, receiving sexual email and being forced to talk about sex with strangers is extremely urgent.

parental monitor

So what precaution we should take to protect our family members?
There are many computer activity monitoring programs you can download from the internet. Most of them share the similar features but some are not so impeccable hence you shall spot it with care when you decide to choose one. Keylogger is also kind of parental control program empowers you to take real time record of every computer activity like websites visited, ran programs,clipboard texts, mailbox username and password, keystrokes,Skype, MSN, Facebook chatting etc. Of all the family keyloggers, I would like to suggest you Myjad keylogger since it’s the most user-friendly and easy-to-use program.


Let’s have a review of the key features of Myjad keylogger:

  • Record clipboard texts and contents that are copied from webpages and other sources.
  • Track all applications that are launched on the computer.
  • Record all the inputted keystrokes like account names, passwords of mailbox, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and keywords that are searched in Google and other search engines.
  • Log websites visited include site titles, clicking links and web-pages URLs.
  • Screen capture allows you to view all the logs visually and intuitively.
  • Set password, hotkey, magic word and input command to run and un-hide the program.
  • Set email address to receive real time logs.
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