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How to Delete & Restore Multiple Texts on a Samsung Galaxy

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 17TH 2013
Abundant messages usually occupies large proportion of your phone space If you want to mass clear some messages from Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy itself offers a way to do so. We will show you how.

How to mass remove texts?
1. Tap "messages" app.
2. Chose, press and hold threads that you want to remove until you see a pop-up window asking you confirm the deletion.
3. Either erase the full conversation or delete selected messages.
4 Click all dialog if you want to remove all thread.

If you don't want every time manually delete texts, set auto delete older messages may fit you. Do as the following: Go to "Message - Settings - General - Delete old messages - Exit".

How to restore text messages?
If unfortunately you have mistakenly deleted messages that you didn't mean to remove, here is a way to restore them - apply Myjad Android SMS Recovery. It's a helpful data recovery tool that restores directly all lost texts from most android smart phones. Yes, not only Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus, HTC One & Butterfly, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola Razr etc.

How Myjad Android SMS Recovery works?
Install the program, connect your Samsung Galaxy to PC. All lost threads will be scanned and displayed if nothing wrong with the connection.
Android Contact Recovery Main

Check carefully the messages, choose the wanted ones and recover.
Restore Samsung Galaxy Multiple Texts

Download Windows Version

Myjad Android SMS Recovery is much easier than other data recovery tool on the market. No matter your phone is set to factory default, crashed or screen broken, Myjad Android SMS Recovery is able to read the texts stored in your phone. Remember it works only on rooted device.

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