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Top 5 Best Free Keylogger Software for Windows

By David Paul - SEPTEMBER, 11ST 2013
If you are searching for a good keylogger to monitor your employees, your kids, your partner and your students' computer activities, we would like to recommend you the top 5 legitimated keylogging programs for Windows. Although they share the similar functions but yet every single program has its own focus. Choose the one fits you best.

1.Actual key-logger
Actual key-logger auto-logs all keystrokes and secretly runs in the background so that no one will know there's a keylogger on the computer. You will be able to set a password then nobody else could access to the key-logger. All recorded logs could be encrypted and the installer can view in plain text or HTML form.
Our Rating: 5 stars
Pros: Free,easy to use.
Cons: Downloading might be slow.
OS: Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP

Actual Keylogger

2.Myjad Keylogger Pro
Myjad Keylogger Pro is a trustful and professional computer activity monitoring program which empowers you to observe, supervise, monitor and spy all sorts of computer activities in the background without being discovered by the users. It can record clipboard texts, track all launched applications, record all the inputted keystrokes, log visited websites etc. You can also customize password, magic word and email address.
Our Rating: 5 stars
Pros: Simple and easy to use. Almost cover all the computer activities.
Cons: Maybe will have loading and reloading issues.
OS: Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP

Myjad Keylogger

3. REFOG Free key-logger
REFOG Free key-logger is a free software program which captures all typed content, username, passwords, emails, chat history and more in a hidden mode. But you need to do some settings on the anti-virus program and firewall so that they won't detect and block the the key-logger.
Our Rating: 4 stars Pros: Easy to use, more logging function of the latest version like logging social network activity(Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.).
Cons: Anti-virus software can detect and define it as a threat.
OS: Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2000, Windows XP.

Refog Keylogger

4. Home key-logger
Home key-logger is a free software program records all information entered from the keyboard. All the computer activities could be monitored and recorded in its hidden mode. Home key-logger doesn't require high system and its small in size.
Our Rating: 3 stars
Pros: Fast log keyboard input.
Cons: This program is not so stable.
OS: Windows XP, Windows 7

Home Keylogger

5. Revealer key-logger
Revealer key-logger records all computer activities and installer or administrator can view the logs whenever they want. The recording scales include keyboard inputs, launched programs, visited webpages and opened files with the exact date and time of all the actions. It's also invisible so won’t be found easily.
Our Rating: 3 stars
Pros: : Very simple, easy to install and use
Cons: Can be found in Task Manager.
OS: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Revealer Keylogger

We suggest all the users should be careful when they consider applying a keylogger for monitoring and spying purpose since its a controversial program in terms of moral code. For whose who really need to use keylogging program to protect young children from being manipulated by cyber crime, to conduct employee's work or to fully control computer activities, we hope this article could help. If you are a Mac user, you may refer to this: Key Feature of Top 5 Keylogger Mac Software.

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