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How to Set Default Windows Mail Client

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 05TH 2013
Most people will install an email program like Outlook, Thunderbird and IncrediMail for the convenience of archiving emails from many mailboxes. Actually you can set default Windows mail client to send your flip book to your friends via this email program. Let’s see how to set Outlook, Thunderbird and IncrediMail as the default mail client with Myjad Flipbook Maker.


1. Run Outlook, click "Tool" - "Options" - "Other";
2. Go to "General" and choose "Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar" box.
Note: The above settings won't auto add your email accounts to Outlook. If you want to receive and send email vis Outlook, you must manually configure the email accounts.


Thunderbird can auto check whether it is the default mail client.
(1) Run Thunderbird and click "Tools" - "Options";
(2) Click"Advanced" then choose first tab "General";
(3) Tick "Always check to see if Thunderbird is the default mail client on startup";
(4) Click "Check Now" to see whether Thunderbird is already the default mail client.
Set Thunderbird as Default Mail Client

Note: Check other options if you want also to set Thunderbird to receive newsgroups and feeds. Click "OK" and finish the settings.
You may need to restart your applications to enable the default settings.

Set Thunderbird as the operating system default

Click on "General" - "Start" - "Control panel" - "Add or Remove Programs" - "Set Program Access or Defaults" - "Custom Settings" to set Thunderbird the default email client. Please note that the different Windows OS might slightly various in the steps.

Set Thunderbird as an application default

Some applications like Firefox on KDE Linux won't recognize the operating system default. So in this case you must manually do the default setting in app settings. IncrediMail Launch IncrediMail and go to tool menu and click "Options…" - "Make Default". If "Make Default" is greyed out, see the following steps:
1. Right click the IncrediMail Icon and select "Exit";
2. Run Outlook Express, click "Tools" - "Options…";
3. Click "Make Default" and close the window;
4. Again launch IncrediMail, click "Tools" - "Options…" - "Make Default" then done.

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