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How to Find An Invisible Keylogger

By David Paul - OCTOBER, 11ST 2013
Keyloggers are a frequent choice for people to monitor someone's computer without his detection, and they're also widely used by companies to manage and spy on employees' activities during working hours. Myjad Keylogger Pro, for example, to some extent, is a pretty good monitoring software for parents and bosses. However, you want to keep your privacy safe, what’s more, if your sensitive personal data fall into the wrong hands, you may suffer huge losses -- they may use it to steal your accounts and transfer money from it, or other evil doings. How to find the invisible keylogger software to prevent the tragedy? Though hardware version of a keylogger is not so easy to find out, keylogger software can be found by yourself. There are many different ways to do that.
Find Keyloggers

1. Update your antispyware and antivirus software to find keyloggers and remove it.
A good antispyware or antivirus software may be able to locate keyloggers. If you don't have one on your PC, download one and installing it on your computer. Updating their virus definitions and running them regularly, you have a good chance to find software keyloggers out.

2. Check your windows task manager to find keyloggers.
Press Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons to show up the task list, which displays all the applications and processes running on your computer at that time, including the keylogging software. Of course many of these processes are required for running your computer, so you may have to google the unfamiliar ones to determine whether it is a keylogger.

3. Check your computer for software that you are not familiar with.
Go to the "Add or Remove Program" in the "Control Panel", and look through the list of software. You may be so familiar with your computer that you could discover a program that you don't remember installing or looks suspicious.

4. Use a secure firewall to discover whether keyloggers exist.
Some firewall programs would alert you when unfamiliar programs attempt to use your Internet access -- software keyloggers need internet connection to send the record log from your computer, which offer you an effective way to find out whether a keylogger exist on your PC.

Note: Keylogger hardware can be hard to detect.
Hardware Keylogger

If the keylogger monitoring your PC is a hardware rather than a software, it might be a bit more difficult to detect, and you can only find it physically by your hands and eyes. Keylogger hardware may be located between your keyboard and computer, or electronic chips that are placed inside your keyboard. If you're a skilled computer user, you may be able to discover it between your keyboard and computer but you have to disassemble your keyboard to find the keylogger chip. If not, you can take your computer to an expert.

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