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How to Detect a Mac Keylogger

By David Paul - SEPTEMBER, 4TH 2013
Are you suspecting there's a keylogger in your Mac but have no idea how to detect and remove it? Though a normal computer is more likely to infected by a keylogger but even nowadays Mac OX will not be exempted from this threat. What a keylogger can do to make your life a mess?
Mac Keylogger

keylogger can be used to spy bank account and password, Skype, MSN, Facebook chatting history, record website, credit card numbers, PIN numbers and more. Though there are also legitimated keylogger for family and company monitoring purpose. The most popular one should be Myjad Keylogger Pro for Windows, which wins a lot appreciation from the users. Here we would like to give you a simple tip to detect a keylogger in Mac with Mac OS spy setection program.
Keylogger for Mac
Step 1 Open the Activity Monitor to check for process of all the running programs, see if there’s any unknown application is running in the background. It’s just like checking all the running programs in task manager on Windows.

Step 2 Check and observe carefully of any unusual processes running in Activity Monitor. Keylogger might disguise itself with a legitimated name but I am sure you could recognize the program that is not normal.

Step 3 If you are not sure 100%, you can try to install a trial version of a legitimated keylogger and observe its activity from the computer background. At the same time you can try other anti-keylogger software together to see if it works well to kill a keylogger.

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