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What is the Most Widely Used iPhone/iPad in the World?

By Admin On September 10, 2014 · Add Comment

Today Apple Inc. will launch the iPhone 6, and do you know which one is the most popular iPhone in the world?

Apple Store

The event of Apple is one of the most high-profile conferences in the industry of mobile phone, and the event will be broadcast live to most of principal media in the world. But the Localytics - a research firm, wants to know what kinds of iPhone are used by these people who will attend the launching event.


Localytics conducted a survey of iPhone and iPad users in August, and found that iPhone 5 is the most widely used.


The latest iPhone Apple are iPhone 5c and 5s, but their usage rates are lower than iPhone 5, which accounts for 27% of market shares. The secondary iPhone 5s accounts for 25% market shares. About iPhone 5c, it is just 8% market shares, which is even below 13% of iPhone 4. For iPhone 4s, the market shares are 21%, which came in third place behind iPhone 5s.

iPhone Device Share


iPad Device Share

However, iPhone 5 have been used for two years, and some part of iPhone users will go updating the system to iPhone 6 when it is launched, so the market share of iPhone 5 will be decreased.


As for iPad 2, which was issued 3 years ago, is the most popular iPad at present, and its market shares are 29%. About iPad (3rd gen) and iPad (4th gen), they account for 13% and 15% of market shares. But there is no wonder that in consideration of the decline in iPad sales. The frequency of updating iPad is considerably below iPhone.

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