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2013Q4 Android Smart Phone Sale Continues to Rise, Samsung Sale Drops

By Admin On January 28, 2014 · Add Comment



The market research firm Kantar Worldpanel, subsidiary of world’s largest advertising media group WPP, reported on Sunday that Android is still the world’s most popular mobile platform. In 2013Q4, Android smart phones sales share saw an increase in all significant markets and in EU, it has reached up to 69%.


Samsung is now undergoing genuine pressure in all markets especially in China, MIUI (known as Xiaomi), HUAWEI and other local brands are seizing market share. Even though both two smart phone manufacturers produce Android phones but their design and packing tend to be more localized.


In other regions, though Apple’s sales share sees an overall year-on-year fall down, it’s new iPhone 5 yet grabs those high-end users. In the US, Apple lost nearly 6% market share in terms of sales share in 2013Q4. However, iPhone sale has reached close to 44% while Android smart phone is 51% during holiday shopping seasons.


Apple is still loved by the premium users and it attracts more consumers in Japanese market.


smartphone OS sales share
Currently, Apple is the top smart phone brand in Japan and its sale has come close to 69%. In regards to Apple’s success in Japan, Kantar gives its credit to its cooperation with Japan’s largest mobile carrier NTT Docomo. In 2013Q4, Apple devices occupied 58.1% of NTT Docomo’s total smart phone sale, 92% of Softbank and 64% of KDDI.


According to Kantar, Samsung takes up 40.3% of last year's Q4 total smart phone sales share in the Euromarket(include The UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), which has dropped 2.2% compared to the same period last year. In China, Samsung scores 23.7% that levels off from a year earlier.


In the meantime, Microsoft Windows Phone ranks the third with its steady increase in regardless of its less market share compared to Apple. Windows Phone sale drops slightly in Latin American market but yet occupies the largest proportion in European market of which takes up 10% of 2013Q4 overall smart phone sale, leveling off the same period last year.


Blackberry’s is yet in its downturn of which 2013Q4 sales share in all 12 markets are less than 4%. But Blackberry plays well in the UK market, gains 3.2% of the UK’s total smart phone sales share in 2013Q4.

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