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Tim Cook insinuates SAMSUNG: Large-Screen Handset's performance is hindered

By Admin On May 9, 2013 · Add Comment

On the financial analysts' conference, when someone asked Apple's CEO Tim Cook whether it's possible to produce iPhone with larger screen, he replied Apple would not launch such a big-screen phone at the cost of its performance.

Tim Cook insinuates SAMSUNG Large-Screen Handset's performance is hindered 01

Besides, when an analyst asked what he thinks of 5-inch Smartphone and why iPhone 5 was designed to be 4-inch, Tim Cook indicated that iPhone 5 provides the best display screen in the mobile phone market and they also manage to develop more perfect display screen. Some users put emphasis on the size of screen, but some focus on resolution, white balance, display screen lifespan, portability, color quality and compatibility. Our competitors concentrate on producing larger-screen mobile phone at the cost of product performance. But Apple won't follow the trend if larger screen and high quality cannot be compatible. Cook made it clear that Apple is persistently pursuing top-level products, even through sale volume and market share symbols the strength of a company.
From the statement of Tim Cook, we know Apple attaches importance to handsets' portability. Without mature technology, Apple won't go the large-screen route rashly. However, users who want big screen and iPhone don't need to despair because Cook didn’t absolutely reject to big screen mobile phones. If Apple has mature technology, it will go the route. It's simply a question of time.

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