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Time to Upgrade! iOS 7 User Experience Index Exceeds iOS 6

By Admin On September 27, 2013 · Add Comment

iOS 7 was released a week ago, users who are still pondering and wondering whether to upgrade to iOS 7 must want to know the overall evaluation of this new OS. According to the statics released by Pfeiffer, iOS 7 user experience index is higher than iOS 6.

iOS 7 user experience index

As we can see from the Mobile Operating System User Experience Index graph, iOS 7 scores 73.25, ranks on the top, slightly higher than iOS 6. Android (Samsung) and Blackberry 10 are too close to each other and Windows iPhone 8 comes in last. Pfeiffer Report investigates simply the consumers who don’t well understand technique to ensure data accuracy.

cognitive load comparison
Besides, Pfeiffer has also published Mobile Operating System Cognitive Load Comparison(Lower is better).  The “cognitive load comparison” means how many different information users have to remember in order to fully control the OS and how many different settings that users have to access to. “Control Center” drags iOS 7 behind iOS 6. On the other hand, because of the complexity of Android (Samsung) OS, its “cognitive load” is surprising high.

Pfeiffer Report has also published “Consumer-Level Efficiency and Integration Comparison”, “ Consumer-Level Customization Comparison” and “Mobile Operating System User Experience Friction Comparison”, in which iOS 7 has performed at high level. That’s why iOS users speak highly of iOS 7 and the upgrading speed has hit a new record.

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