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Gartner: Traditional PC Shipments will Drop 10.6%

By Admin On July 16, 2013 · Add Comment

Gartner: Traditional PC Shipments will Drop 10.6% 01Worldwide shipments of PCs, tablets and mobile phones will grow 5.9% in 2013, according to a report issued Monday by Gartner Inc.
But that growth is not uniform. Breaking down the 5.9% number, Gartner estimates that traditional PC shipments will fall 10.6%, and tablets will grow 67.9%.
Under the tendency of upwards movement of tablets and smart-phones shipments, the worldwide devices shipments will grow to 2.35 billion; and the traditional PC shipment and mobile devices shipment is either grow or fall, raising the computer industry shift towards mobile devices, Gartner estimated.
Desk-top computers and laptop computers sales are forecast at just 305 million in 2013, whereas tablets shipment will grow to 202 million and smart-phone shipment sales will increase 4.3$ to 1.8 billion. Gartner analyzed that the slide was caused by shift in customers' taste and accordingly re-focusing of business by major manufacturers.
Some analysts blamed the slide of PC shipment on Microsoft Windows 8, which should have boosted PC sales as many manufacturers expected. Microsoft will begin to work on Win 8 promotion, for instance, restoring some customers-favorable old design like "Start" button. "Customers hope computing devices are available at any time anywhere, so that they can not only easily consume and create content, but also share content through various devices. Mobile devices are leading the development trend both in the mature market and the emerging market." indicated Carolina Milanesi, a vice president from Gartner Inc.
Gartner pointed out, with Intel's new processor helping manufacturers improve designs and prolong battery life, Win 8 sales will be boosted.
But as some analyst warned, despite the rapid development, smart-phones and tablets are faced with long-term issues because those devices' lifecycle are being prolonged. "Changes have always been taking place in market. Consumers' focuses are shifting from high-end tablets computers to entry level computers. The share of entry level tablet computers is forecast to go beyond expectation. iPad mini sales has accounted for more than 60% of total sales of iOS devices in the first season this year," said Gartner. As more and more enterprises permitting their staff to work with their own devices, mobile devices' market shares will continue to rise.

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