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Q12013 Statistic:About 10 % People Will Use Tablet And Mobile to Watch Videos

By Admin On July 3, 2013 · Add Comment

Q12013 Statistic:About 10 % People Will Use Tablet And Mobile to Watch Videos 01

According to the foreign news in 20th June, the online video company Ooyala has released a report about the correlation of mobile device preference and the video watching time. The smaller size screen device doesn't have to be a negative factor for preventing users watching more videos. Of the total time watched by video length, even half of the time was spent on watching long videos.
The report of Ooyala shows that VV on tablet and mobile phone has hit a new record in Q12013. The VV of tablet and mobile phone has increased 19%, which is 10% of the total online VV. Ooyala says that the online VV of the tablet and mobile phone in Q12013 is similar to that of 2012. Tablet and mobile phone online VV in 2012 has doubled.
Ooyala report also showed that tablet and mobile phone users spent more than half of the total video watching time on viewing long videos in last quarter, which further indicated that screen size was not a very essential factor. Tablet users spend one-fourth of the time on watching 60+ minutes' long videos.
Asian users like especially long videos. In the previous quarter, long videos take up almost half of the video viewing time(45%). In Singapore, Japan, Thailand and HK, users spend one-third of the time on watching long videos.
Statistic also shows that the desktop users spend a average of 40 mins(13 times of video-on-demand)on watching live videos. Users in Asian areas keen on watching live videos.
Market research company Nelson reported recently that half of the social network users visit social websites via mobile phones, in which 59% are Asian users.

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