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Apple iPad Rank the Top in Tablet Consumer Satisfaction Study

By Admin On May 7, 2013 · Add Comment

With the new shot of Apple iPad5 unveil occasionally and news about Microsoft is also going to produce a 7-inch surface tablet, the competition in the tablet market is more severe. Recently, J.D.Power, an US company provides customer satisfaction research, has published the latest tablet satisfaction study, which reveals Apple iPad has again gained the top one place.
J.D.Power investigates mainly from 5 aspects include tablet performance, operation simplicity, design, function and selling price. The below diagram is the detail of the ranking:

Apple iPad Rank the Top in Tablet Consumer Satisfaction Study 01
It can be seen from the figure that Apple is the No.1, closely followed by Amazon. Apple and Amazon have surpassed the Study Average while Samsung, Asus and Acer decrease in ranking, beneath the Study Average.
In addition, J.D.Power also acquires other data from this tablet satisfaction research.
-51% tablet users share their devices with others.
-64% tablet users decide to buy tablet on their own.
-41% tablet users show that will choose the same brand if they want to buy a new one.
-46% tablet users allow their kids to use the device.
-20% tablets are used for commercial activities.

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