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What is the Best Keylogger & Keylogging Software?

By Admin On August 20, 2013 · Add Comment

What is Keylogger?
Generally speaking, a Keylogger is a software program or a hardware device which is used for monitoring, observing or even spying purpose by means of recording all real time computer users' activities including clipboard copying, application launching, keystrokes logging, websites visiting, Skype chatting and more.

what is keylogger


Range of Application
Keylogger is widely used for monitoring business, family, individual and public computers with the purpose of observing employees' working performance, young kids' online habit and ensuring the security of the public devices in schools, libraries, coffee shops etc. However,some cyber criminals use it in a wrong way to steal pass word or bank information.

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How Does Keylogger work?
Keylogging software records clipboard contents, tracks launching applications, logs keystrokes(emails, Skype, MSN, social networking websites’ accounts and passwords) and visited websites without being detected by antivirus software or shown on the list of "uninstall or modify the programs" and "task manager". Keylogger allows monitor to collect recorded logs and screenshots by setting email servers.

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Recommended Keylogging Software
As some of the malicious users may use Keylogger to spy and steal important information from other computer users. Selecting a reliable and secure Keylogging software is rather significant for the users with special need. We recommend you Myjad Keylogger Pro, a 100% green and trustful keylogging software which can fulfill all your monitoring requirements.



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