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Price: $24.95

Myjad Keylogger Pro helps you to understand any subtle computer activities so that you can review all the computer operation details simultaneously as receiving logs to a desire e-mail/FTP/LAN account.
• Monitor all computer operating activities & websites visiting;
• Help to protect password;
• Receive recorded logs unknowingly;
• Undetectable keylogger by the users;
• Latest version Myjad Keylogger Pro 2.30 released, new feature updated: Parent Control.

Myjad Keylogger Pro is an invisible monitoring software which allows you to track the detailed manipulations on your computer includes clipboard record, applications tracking, keystrokes logging, websites visited and screen capture. It’s designed for those who have to implement monitoring function on computer activities like parents who want to keep their young kids away from cyber dangers, enterprise managers who are responsible for tracking how the staffs perform, individuals who are afraid of being spied, as well as public computers monitoring.
Myjad Keylogger Pro, with the smooth interface and powerful logging features, is your loyal guard who helps you to monitor any computer activities in all dimensions. You are able to track computer activities of all the users:
1) All keystrokes including username/password of various programs and websites, incoming/outgoing emails, and online chat conversations, etc.
2) URL, site name, page title and time stamp that users visited.
3) Record all the program user names, program name and time stamp.
4) Create, remove, delete and rename files and folders.
5) Secretly capture screenshots according to the customized time period.

Myjad Keylogger Pro is only for legitimate monitoring purpose. Any individuals should take their own consequences for improper use.

Key Features of Keylogger

• Clipboard Record
Any texts which are copied and pasted on the clipboard or other file editing programs are monitored and logged by Keylogger. You will be able to view the record in details about which user at what time have selected and copied what exact text information.

• Application Tracking
All attempts to run any program can be logged by Keylogger so that you can understand what time which user is running what applications in the computer.

• Keystrokes Logging
Myjad Keylogger Pro can record all the key strokes like entering usernames and passwords when logging in Facebook, twitter, MySpace, emails, Windows Messenger, Skype and other applications. The texts inputted in these applications will be recorded. Also when the user is searching some information in Google, Yahoo and Bing, Key words also would be recorded.

• Websites Visited
All the web activity like sites titles, clicking links, visiting web-pages URLs could be monitored and recorded by Keylogger. The logs are accurate to the exact time hence you are able to know what the user was involved in the specific computer activities. You can fully control the computer with this function together with the screen capture and keystrokes logging.

• Screen Capture
Apart from the texts recording, screenshot allows you to understand what's going on with the computer intuitively. For the screenshot, you can customize with "capture interval", "capture scale" and "capture quality".
Other settings give you more humanized experiences:
• Disabling screenshot function while the computer has been idling for long time and resuming when the mouse moves again.
• Capturing screenshot on every "Enter" key.
• Setting key words which you think it sensitive.

System Requirements

• Computer& Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86-bit or x64-bit processor with SSE2
• Operating System: Windows 8/Windows 7(32/64-bits)/ Vista/ XP/ 2003/ 2000 and more other Windows versions.
• Hard Disk: 3.0 GB available disk space
• Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 10 graphics card
• Memory: 1GB RAM(32-bit); 2GB RAM(64 bit)

Main Screenshot of Keylogger Pro

Myjad Keylogger Main Interface

What's Next?

Now you can free download a trial version to experience what Keylogger can do for you. It would be grateful if our program helps you a lot. Then you are welcome buy the full version to get more powerful functions. We guarantee you a full refund if there’s anything wrong with the program in 30 days.

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More Reference of Keylogger

What else you can do with Myjad Keylogger Pro?

• You can set password so that nobody else could enter the see what you are spying on.
• Hot key and magic word settings also allow you to hide and unhide keylogger.
• You could run keylogger by inputting the command which has been set or monitor selected users. All logs are able to be delivered to Gmail, Hotmail, AOL mail and other mails.

Why You Need Keylogger:

• For system administrators.
You will be able to receive logs by email and know what's going on with the computer in real time.
• For CEOs.
You can fully control the computers and monitor what computer activities are the employees or other users are performing.
• For parents.
Keyloggers allows parents to understand what kind of websites and what programs their kids are using so as to keep them away from cyber dangers.
• For individuals.
Keylooger enables you to spy on your own computer while you are not using it. Any computer activities will be recorded secretly for you to check who has done or maybe tried to steal critical information from your computer when you are absent from your seat. Also if you have forgotten the passwords for emails or other social networking websites, you can track them back from the logging record.
• For computer classes and Internet Cafes.
Since any user would be able to access to public computers, Keylogger allows you monitor all computer activities.

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