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Panasonic to Release Exclusive Headset RP-HJC19 for Apple Devices

By Admin On May 8, 2013 · Add Comment

For the headset fanciers for Apple devices, a headset well-adapted with Apple devices is goodly portion of luck. If you are still seeking for the suitable headset why not have a look at the Panasonic RP-HJC19. This new model is designed by Panasonic, one of Japanese headset giants, aiming for adapting with Apple devices.
RP-HJC19 is pushed out under research and development of iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Apple products. The shining point of RP-HJC19 is that it includes line control which enable users to play, pause, adjust volume, answer the phone etc. in some special circumstances.

Panasonic to Release Exclusive Headset RP-HJC19 for Apple Devices 01 According to a Japanese headset nerd after his evaluation, the special design of RP-HJC19 keeps the headset close to your ears. The air tightness is comparatively better than other headset. What deserve to be mentioned is that the sound output port is relatively longer which makes you feel the music are closer to your eardrums. As evaluating, RP-HJC19 is strong in bass and excellent in treble and middle.
At present, 6 colors are available and the initial price is about 3000JPY(around 30.5USD).

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