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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are F&Qs about Myjad TransPhone with answers that we regularly receive queries. Please check to find the answer for the problems that you may encounter.
  • Q1: Why can't I receive the license code for several hours after I purchased Myjad TransPhone?

    There are several possible reasons to cause it. First, the letter with license code went to Trash directly due to your email setting. Second, the email address you provided may be invalid or wrong.

  • Q2: If I didn't receive the license code, what should I do?

    Generally you will receive license code in several hours after you purchase. If not, you can send email to us with your order No. and registration Email address.

  • Q3: What can I do if I lost the license code?

    You can check your registration Email to get the license code letter. Or contact us with Email about your detail information, such as order No. and registration Email address.

  • Q4: How do I move Myjad TransPhone I purchased from the old computer to new one?

    Firstly, uninstall Myjad TransPhone on the old computer. Then install the latest version on new computer. Activate the software with the same license code.

  • Q5: What to do if the Program Didn't Find my iPhone/iPad/iPod touch?

    Please make sure your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch USB cable is good to use and iTunes (latest version) can read your device correctly. If there is something wrong with iTunes, you should completely remove and reinstall iTunes.

  • Q6: How to Disable iTunes Auto-syncing?

    First, Launch iTunes and go to the iTunes menu > Preferences > Devices on Windows. On a Mac, go to Edit > Settings > Devices. Second, look for the icon or tab that says Devices in the pop up window. Third, you'll see a checkbox reading "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically". below the box. Check it and click OK at the bottom of the window.

  • Q7: How to Uninstall TransPhone?

    Uninstall this program immediately by clicking "Uninstall". You can uninstall the program easily and completely.

Please kindly contact us via the Email below if you are facing problems that are not listed, and we will reply you in within one day.
Customer Service: support#myjad.com (replace # with @)