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Frequently Asked Questions

iTunes Extractor is an extraordinary data extractor to restore iTunes lost data no matter you use iTunes Backup Extractor or iTunes Photo Extractor.
  • Q1: Why we should install iTunes if I use iTunes Backup Extractor?

    If you have installed iTunes on your computer and do iTunes backup regularly, you can easily extract deleted iOS data from iTunes Backup file any time you want.

  • Q2: What can iTunes Extractor do?

    iTunes Extractor can extract your iTunes data easily without launching iTunes or connecting your iOS device to the computer. You don't need to worry too much because iTunes Extractor do no damage to your iTunes backup files.

  • Q3: What is the limitation of the trial version?

    You are only allowed to scan and preview data from iTunes backup files but not recover them if you use the trial version. To recover the critical data, purchase iTunes Extractor and get the registration code to activate the program.

  • Q4: What situations can iTunes Extractor deal with?

    No matter you accidentally deleted files, lost data because of an inaccessible system, OS crashed, or iPhone damaged, data erased due to iOS upgrade, factory reset, jailbreak or reformatting or stolen, iTunes Extractor can help you retrieve data from iTunes backup file.

  • Q5: What is the difference of iTunes Backup Extractor and iTunes Photo Extractor?

    With iTunes Photo Extractor, you can only retrieve deleted iOS photos from backup. If you want to restore iPhone/iPad contacts, SMS, call history, safari bookmark, note, etc, you should download iTunes Backup Extractor and it will help you recover them back by extracting the iTunes backup file. iTunes Backup Extractor is an almighty recovering tool, you can extract any data including photos.

  • Q6: Why the photos can't be opened after retrieving from iTunes Photo Extractor?

    It is possible that your backup files are encrypted. However, iTunes Photo Extractor doesn't support you to encrypted backup so far.

  • Q7: What to do if my iTunes backup file was encrypted?

    I am sorry that iTunes Extractor can't extract encrypted backup file up to now. If you want to extract from encrypted backup, you can try PDRcovery for iPhone and restore data from backup file even if it is encrypted. You can try its demo.

Please kindly Contact Support via the Email below if you are facing problems that are not listed, and we will reply you in within one working day.
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