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How to Share Your Flipbook Online with Dropbox

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 28TH 2013
Don't have a website to upload your HTML flipping book? Fail to attach EXE via email because of security issue? Your friend cannot view flash in your flipbook? Fail to decompress zip file? What else you can do to share your work with others?

There is one online backup and share website for you to publish your new flipbooks created by Myjad Flipbook Maker, see how it works:
1. Open Dropbox home page: http://www.dropbox.com/, and create your account;

2. Download the Dropbox.exe file after finish filling in all the needed information. Refer to the below images:
Download Install Dropbox

3. Install and run Dropbox , open the "Public" folder under Dropbox path then create a new directory like "flipbook".

4.Select flipbook output format as "*.html", define folder path as "… \Dropbox\Public\flipbook" and convert.

5. HTML file, SWF file and "files" folder contains in the output files will be stored in the flipbook directory which you have created previously. Right click the "flipbook" folder then "Dropbox" - "Share This Folder…" (click here: https://www.dropbox.com/home#/Public/flipbook::: and check whether all the files have been uploaded onto Dropbox.com).

6. Right click the output HTML file, then "Dropbox" - "Copy Public Link", you will be leading to the book index interface:

Upload Flipbook with Dropbox

7. You can copy the public link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19047203/flipbook/index.html and share with people.

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