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How to Reset and Restore LG Optimus

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 13RD 2013
If your LG Optimus crashed and you need to do a reset. There are two ways to do so: software reset and hardware reset. What's the difference? The setting, configuration and data remain the same and safe. There won't be any Android data missing issue if you perform a software reset. If you do a hardware reset, all your data will be wiped and your phone is back to factory default setting. So think before resetting your LG Optimus.

To do a software reset, you can try this:
Go to "menu - Settings - Privacy - Factory data reset - Reset phone"
If you want to do a hard reset, then you can try the below instruction.
Note: Remember to keep a backup of the device before proceeding with the following steps. (Remove and reinsert the battery if your phone is frozen.)

Press and hold the "Volume Down" key.
Volume Down

Press and hold the "Home" key while keep holding the "Volume Down" key.
Home Key

Keep holding "Home" and "Volume Down", then press "Power". When you see LG logo, release all keys.
Power Key

Press "Volume Down" and roll to "wipe data/factory reset", select by pressing the "Menu" key.
Factory Reset

Press "Menu" to choose "reboot system now". You have finished the restoring process. Your handset will auto-restart now.

You have successfully reset your LG Optimus. Now restore data from your backup. If you forget to make a backup before performing the reset, you may resort to Myjad Android Data Recovery. It scans and retrieves photos, music, videos, contact, messages and more from Android phone

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