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How to Recover Deleted Photos from LG Optimus

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 16TH 2013
There are numerous photo recovery tools that you can find from the Internet for iOS and Android smart phone, what if you are a LG fan and face the same problem? Are you feeling frustrated that the whole smart phone world is filled up with Apple and Samsung information? Want to retrieve photos that you have mistakenly moved to recycle bin but all you can search from Google is "iPhone data recovery"? Don't worry, the good news is you can apply Myjad Android Data Recovery program to recover missing images on LG Optimus. Let's see how to do it.

What is Myjad Android Data Recovery?
Android Data Recovery is designed for recovering photos, songs, document files, videos, archives and other data from SD card and information that stored in the phone. First the program will scan all found photos then you will be able to preview and choose what you want to retrieve. In a few seconds, all your selected pictures will be restored to your computer so that you can again transfer them back to your phone.

1. Connect your LG Optimus with computer
Install and run the program, connect your phone with computer. You will directly move onto the next step if your handset has been successfully detected.
Connect Android Phone with Computer

Choose Photos to Scan

2. After clicking "Start", the program will scan data stored both in the SD card and phone. You can check folder by folder and choose to recover pictures of other files.
Recover Deleted Photos from Android

Finish selecting the photos, click "Recover" and choose where you want to save in your computer. Open the folder and check, all your photos now should have been retrieved from LG Optimus.

Download Windows Version

Note: Don't download and place any new picture to your phone before the recovery process. Otherwise you may have to bear the risk of losing the deleted photos forever.

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