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How to Recover Lost Data from Android

April 16, 2013 12:00 AM/Posted By to Tutorials Center

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Are you annoyed with yourself when you delete or lose some important or favorite pictures, music and videos on your Android phone intentionally? All those data may be your memorable treasures for a long time and you may appreciate them very much. Losing that stuff do will make you mad and frustrated. Undoubtedly, no one likes these things to happen, but they do occur in ways of accidental deleting, wrongly formatting SD card, failing to upgrade etc. Good news for you now. Things are not as bad as it seems any more. Here Android Data Recovery comes to you.

Myjad Android Data Recovery is such a meaningful technique software that it can help you to fully recover any photos, songs, videos, and more data stored on your SD card inside the Android phone without any quality loss. Scan, check and recover, these three simple clicks bring your digital life back to life. Here we have a step-by-step guide for you to see how it works.
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Tutorial: How to Recover Data from Android Phone?


Connect your Android Phone to the Computer

Install and run Android Data Recovery on your PC first, then, connect your phone to the computer, you’ll get the interface as follow:
connect android phone with computer


Enable USB debugging

You have to enable USB debugging if you want to recover text messages and contacts.
Follow the respective instructions for "Android 2.3 or earlier", "android 3.0 to 4.1" and "android 4.2 or newer".
enable usb debugging for android 2.3 or earlier

enable usb debugging for android 3.0 to 4.1

enable usb debugging for android 4.2 or newer


Enable USB storage

If you intend to restore photos, audio, videos and other files, first you need to enable USB storage.
Follow the guidance based on your Android OS. There are two options - "for Andoird 2.3 or earlier" and "for Android 4.0 or newer".
enable usb storage for android 2.3 or earlier

enable usb storage for android 4.0 or newer


Preview and recover files

Now you can choose to scan contacts, call history, messages, photos or videos. After finish scanning, preview the files and start recovery. select files to scan

preview and recover messages

preview and recover phtotos

1. Perform data recovery as soon as possible once date loss happens, because new data will overwrite those lost. Keeping your Android original before recovery is the best situation for a successful recovery.
2. Do remember to back up your valuable data on your device as soon as possible.
3. Make sure your Android phone is rooted.

More about Myjad Android Data Recovery

Myjad Android Data Recovery is fast and 100% safe for Android phone to recover lost data without any damage, and its use-friendly interface makes it convenient to preview the specific files and recover selectively. Are you attracted by this fantastic software? Come and try it, deleting or losing files on your Android accidently are not a big problem any more.

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