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How to Recover Contacts From Samsung Galaxy

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 15TH 2013
Losing contacts from mobile phone can be one of the most miserable disasters for most people. Unfortunately, I am one of the "lucky dogs" as a Samsung Galaxy 4 user who has been desperately searching for substantial and efficient ways to rescue my contacts. Anyhow it's a happy ending so I have sorted 3 best solutions for your reference.

Solution 1: Restore contacts from Google

Normally if you have ever connected your phone with computer and logged onto your Google account, then you should be lucky to find the auto-synced contacts from your Gmail Contacts. Check your Gmail Contacts and if all your contacts are there, follow this:
Dab "Menu" - "Settings" - "Google" or "Samsung" - your email address - "Sync Contacts" - "Sync Now". After the syncing process you should be able to restore all your contacts to your Samsung Galaxy.

Solution 2: Restore contacts from SD card

If you have the habit of saving contacts to your SD card, then you can try to restore contacts from SD card. In home screen, dab "Contacts" - "Menu" - "Import & Export" - "Import from SD Card". Now choose an account where you want the contacts to be imported. Do the same if you have more than one vCard files.

Solution 3: Use software to restore contacts

This might be the most effort-free method since you will be assisted with a tool. Here I will take Myjad Android Contacts Recovery as an example.
Download and install Myjad Android Contacts Recovery, connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the computer and run the program. You should see the below interface now.

Download Windows Version

Android Contact Recovery Main

For the the detailed steps please refer to this video:

After you have selected the contacts you wish to recover, hit "Recover" and choose a folder to save them.
Recover Contacts from Samsung Galaxy

The above solutions are the most effective ways to regain your contacts from Samsung Galaxy.

For me I applied Myjad Android Contact Recovery since I am a little bit lazy.

Download Windows Version

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